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About the game: RAID: Shadow Legends
  •      A turn-based strategy game in the fantasy-RPG genre. Demons and Orcs, Elves and Werewolves, Barbarians and Lizardmen will meet in a decisive battle to achieve the goal. The game has detailed 3D graphics and stunning animation. Assemble an invincible team of heroes from different factions. Develop their skills and strength. Earn experience in battles with other players. Participate in battles with "Bosses" and obtain valuable items and rare equipment. The game has a PVP - arena for one-on-one duels and a large map PVE - companies for traveling and passing tests. Strategic gameplay allows you to come up with your own strategy for the development of heroes and waging war. You can buy items in the game.
  • Download RAID: Shadow Legends on PC
About the game: State of Survival: The Zombie Apocalypse
  •      Strategic MMORPG game on urban survival. After infecting the territory with a virus, everything has gone upside down. Build a city that will survive the terror, horror, struggle and highlight the zombie invasion. In this battle you can make friends or fight with other survivors. In the game, build a settlement to create a shelter. Find allies for strategic partnerships. Research and study the virus to control the infection. For survival, learn to shoot well.
    Survive, if you can, in an environment of total mayhem and chaos!
  • Download State of Survival on PC
About the game: Star Trek Fleet Command
  •      MMO strategy of the space genre, with good exciting graphics. You have a squadron - develop it! Use your skills in strategic planning, military actions, diplomacy and the ability to lead people to dominate a universe full of dangers. Form alliances, defeat your enemies, and build a powerful fleet to protect and dominate the galaxy. Explore mysterious new worlds, looking for new forms of life and civilization, where no man has ever set foot before. Participate in real-time battles against pirates and battles with other players.
    Join millions of players around the world!
  • Download Star Trek Fleet Command on PC
About the game: Evony: The King's Return
  •      The popular real-time MMO strategy game of 2021. Choose from 7 civilizations, build your cities, and govern them. Use your leadership skills in resource management and research to gain strategic advantages. Gradually progress through the ranks from Warrior to Governor, from Governor to Monarch. Fight your enemies and watch the battles going on around you on the animated World Map. Expand your empire. Free to play, with the ability to make in-app purchases.
    Join your friends in an exciting game!
  • Download Evony: The King's Return on PC
About the game: Infinity Kingdom
  •      The game genre is MMO strategy, with beautifully drawn characters. Free the wounded land from the evil dwarfs and restore peace. In this you will help powerful immortals and various civilizations. Using incredibly powerful abilities, pass the PVE campaign. Explore the world map and get endless rewards. Create an alliance, conquer a city, open the way to infinity.
    Conquer the whole world - paint the whole game map with your color!
  • Download Infinity Kingdom on PC

What is the program “BlueStacks”?

AFK Arena with BlueStacks
  • A World-Class Gaming Platform.
  • Multi-Instance Function.
  • Ability to assign special game keys.
  • Presence of automatic settings.
  • Easy installation on any computer.

“BlueStacks” program is an emulator of the Android operating system. The application allows you to run mobile games on a large screen of Windows-compatible personal computers, as well as on Mac OS. The program works in both full-screen and windowed mode. Supports all Google Play games.

Download AFK Arena on PC in 2 steps.

  • 1) STEP: Download and install on your computer emulator operating system Android called “BlueStacks” and transforming your computer into the mobile gaming device.
  • 2) STEP: Using Google Play, install the mobile game *AFK Arena* on your PC in the emulator-program “BlueStacks” , as in a normal smartphone or tablet.


AFK Arena 5 en
AFK Arena 4 en
AFK Arena 3 en
AFK Arena 2 en
AFK Arena 1 en

Running a mobile game on a PC.

  • AFK Arena online
  • WARNING: After installing the program “BlueStacks”, for the correct configuration of the emulator, install and run the game!
  • Install the emulator “BlueStacks” on your computer and enjoy the *AFK Arena* game on the big screen!
  • [ BlueStacks + AFK Arena ]
    From the official website of the developer!

  • <span style="color:#FBDB54">START PLAYING * AFK ARENA * ON PC</span> <br>Download the game with BlueStacks Emulator! Download AFK Arena on PC!

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